Meet Janet Swenson: A Passionate Greens Maintenance Worker at Mountain View Golf Course

Janet Swenson, a dedicated greens maintenance worker at Mountain View Golf Course, brings a unique perspective and passion to her role. With a career spanning over three summers, Janet's journey from a retired pharmacy tech at Utah State Prison to a greenskeeper embodies her love for the outdoors and golf. In this exclusive interview, Janet shares her experiences and insights into her fulfilling career.

"I came to Mountain View Golf Course after retiring from the Utah State Prison as a pharmacy tech," Janet begins, reflecting on her transition into her current role. "This is my third summer here, and I've enjoyed every moment of it."

For Janet, the allure of maintaining the greens lies in the satisfaction of ensuring they are playable and visually appealing for the golfers. "Whether it's fairways, rough, greens, or sand traps, I just like it to be playable and look the best I can," she explains. Her dedication to her work shines through her commitment to excellence in every aspect of course maintenance.

When asked about her favorite aspect of the job, Janet's response is simple yet heartfelt. "I like it all. I like being outside. I like watching the golfers, just all of it," she says with a smile. Her genuine love for the outdoors and the game of golf is evident in her enthusiasm for her work.

Reflecting on her journey into golf course maintenance, Janet shares her early fascination with the sport. "I got into golf when I was 16 or 17, and I loved it from the start," she recalls. "After having my kids and pursuing a career, I wanted to be able to play golf and work outside. Working at Mountain View Golf Course allowed me to do both, and it keeps me feeling young."

For young women considering a career in golf course management, Janet offers words of encouragement based on her own experience. "If it's something that you love, just do it," she advises. "I don't think too many people expected me to be mowing greens and fairways, but I've proven that I can do anything they think I'm capable of."

When asked about her most memorable moments on the course, Janet's response emphasizes the importance of appreciation and recognition. "The coolest moments for me are when golfers come up and thank me, saying the course is looking good," she shares. "Their appreciation and acknowledgment mean a lot to me."

In conclusion, Janet Swenson's story exemplifies the passion and dedication found in those who work behind the scenes to maintain the beauty and functionality of golf courses. Her journey from a retired pharmacy tech to a green’s maintenance worker is a testament to the fulfillment that comes from pursuing one's passions. As she continues her work at Mountain View Golf Course, Janet remains an inspiration to aspiring young women interested in careers in golf course management.

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