Four ways Fore All to De-stress

Golf is a game, but so is life, and there’s a through line of actionable tips between the two that will help you de-stress. Here’s our top four:

Start small

Just like golfing 18 holes can be overwhelming, so can looking at a to-do list a half mile long. The best advice we’ve been given from some of our favorite golfing friends is to start small (hey, what is mini golf for if not to boost your ego with small wins?!). 

One of my favorite things to do when I’m overwhelmed is write every single undone task on a sticky note. Yes, every task (you’re gonna need a lot of sticky notes). I then separate the tasks into piles: things that can be done in the next 20 minutes, things that can be delegated to someone else, things that are currently blocked/waiting on another person, and things I will work on throughout the week. Breaking things down this way greatly reduces my typical manic feelings and helps me feel more in control. 

And, seriously, hitting a few balls really helps blow off some steam. You don’t need to block out your entire day for 9 or 18 holes for the game of golf calm your mind–think about getting a perfect practice mat to aid in a 10-minute refresh. I was gifted one of these at a Fore All event, and I love using it. I can’t promise my skills are improving, that’s a me problem, but I’m definitely getting a mind reset every time I take a few minutes to have a putting time out.  

Don’t keep score

Did you see our post about golf scoring? Well, forget about that right now. Because if you’re someone that’s a perfectionist, and you’re trying to de-stress, I promise that keeping track of every little point and/or detail will not serve you right now.

Similarly, think about avoiding social media in times of stress. Use that time you’d typically doomscroll (and make uninformed comparisons) to create a quiet place for your mind. Try this replacement trick once (even just once!) and let us know how you feel. 

Call your coach

Who sees the best in you, knows your ticks, and can talk you off a proverbial ledge? Call him, her, or them. 

Our team members have been known to meet with a golf pro to train a certain area that they want to improve, like a bank shot, when they’re frustrated with their performance. The newer-to-golf (moi) can meet with pros, too, to learn basic skills, lingo, etc, when I’m sick of being embarrassed on the green. 

The point here is that we’re reaching out to more experienced and confident players to help us increase our comfort with the game. In every day life, you can find this same type of resource to help you see things differently, learn new stress hacks that apply directly to your life, and see how others are coping. Think of it like this idiom: “A burden shared is half a burden. A joy shared is twice a joy.”  

Think about reaching out to your fellow Fore All community members on Instagram or Facebook; I bet you’ve got a lot in common and could share experiences that would help ease anything stressing your mind.

Put the clubs down  

Sometimes, doing nothing is the only answer. Sometimes, you have to walk away. And sometimes, you deserve to not knock your head against a wall. 

When I think of a simple, stress-free life (ha!), I think of how much we could make our lives easier simply by walking away from old patterns that set us up for disappointment. What if we decided to take a beat from the overwhelm that’s destroying our sense of peace, give ourselves the rest and nourishment we need on a personal level, and come back refreshed–and only when we’re refreshed? 

If you’re someone who identifies with being too hard on yourself, this might be just the medicine your soul needs. Cuddle up with a Cozy Club set and just breathe. 

Let us know what you do to de-stress: DM us or comment on our IG post. We love you! 

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