Top 5 Tips For Choosing What To Wear When Playing Golf

Top 5 Tips for Choosing What to Wear When Playing Golf

When it comes to playing golf, what you wear can have a big impact on your game. Not only do you want to look and feel confident on the course, but you also need to be comfortable and able to move freely. With so many different styles and options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect golf outfit.

Here are our top 5 tips for choosing what to wear when playing golf:

  1. Consider the dress code

Before you even start shopping for golf clothes, it's important to check the dress code at the course where you'll be playing. Some courses have strict dress codes that require certain types of clothing, while others may have more relaxed rules. Make sure to check the course website or call ahead to find out what is acceptable. We made it easy here at Fore All to help you know what you can wear and can't, by creating our Sporty Collection (for county golf courses, and lifestyle off course wear) and Classic Collection (for everything, including country clubs, county clubs, and any fancy tournament you have been invited too.) So you can feel confident you are choosing the right top for the right golf experience you are playing in. We hope this helps! 

  1. Choose breathable fabrics

Playing golf can be a physically demanding activity, especially on hot and humid days. That's why it's important to choose clothes made from breathable fabrics that allow for air circulation and moisture-wicking. Look for materials such as polyester, nylon, or spandex that are designed to keep you cool and dry. Our Fore Flow Fabric has special breathable moisture-wicking fabric and is one of the customers top rated fabrics in golf. Check out our Jordan golf dress that creates a fun chic style on the golf course that's comfortable as well. 

  1. Opt for comfortable footwear

Golf involves a lot of walking and standing, so it's essential to wear comfortable shoes that provide support and stability. Choose golf shoes that fit well and have good traction on the soles to help you stay balanced and grounded during your swings.

  1. Stick to classic styles

While there are many trendy golf clothes available, it's always a safe bet to stick to classic styles that never go out of fashion. Think polo shirts, khaki shorts or pants, and solid-colored skirts or skorts. These styles are not only timeless, but also versatile enough to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe.

  1. Don't forget about sun protection

Playing golf usually means spending several hours in the sun, so it's important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Wear a wide-brimmed hat or visor to shield your face and eyes, and consider wearing a long-sleeved shirt or light jacket to cover your arms. Don't forget to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to any exposed skin.

By following these tips, you can choose the perfect golf outfit that will keep you comfortable, confident, and stylish on the course. At Fore All, we offer a wide range of women's golf clothing made from high-quality, breathable materials that are designed to help you perform your best. Check out our collection today and elevate your golf game to the next level! Good luck! 

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