Fore All Wins People Choice Award At PGA Buyers Show This Week.

Fore All: The Future of Women's Golf Fashion Unveiled at 2023 PGA Buying & Education Summit in Frisco, TX

Fore All, the trailblazing and innovative women's golf brand, stole the spotlight as the “people choice award” winners at the 2023 PGA Buying & Education Summit in Frisco, Texas, groundbreaking live fashion show, sponsored by Rep spark. Co-founded by two strong women business leaders, Jen Clyde & Michelle Money, Fore All's revolutionary line of golf apparel is turning heads and reshaping the landscape of women's golf fashion, captivating golf industry insiders and enthusiasts alike.

Hailey Hunter, Golf Channel's prominent personality, reported from the event, offering a firsthand glimpse of the electrifying showcase that had the entire golf industry buzzing with excitement. The Omni Resort Hotel witnessed a spectacle like never before, as Fore All's live fashion show set a new standard for what golf buyers haven't seen in a long time - engaging and comfortable looks that empower women both on and off the course.

Fore All's collection exuded a fusion of style and functionality, elevating women's golf fashion to new heights. The brand's commitment to providing clothing for all body types and ages, coupled with its unique design approach, had buyers flocking to their booth. Following the opening night live fashion show, the booth was jam-packed with industry professionals eager to see the winners' racks for Fore All's upcoming Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 amazing apparel collections.

"We are thrilled and honored to be the recipients of the coveted People's Choice Award at the 2023 PGA Buying & Education Summit," said Jen Clyde, Co-founder and CEO of Fore All. She also said "Fore All was born from a vision to empower women golfers with fashion that not only performs on the course but also complements their full active lifestyle. Michelle Money, Co-founder & Chief Zen Officer also says, “Our innovative and stylish products have garnered a loyal following, and the overwhelming response from industry buyers has been truly exhilarating”.

Fore All's meteoric rise at the event is a testament to its relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction. As the brand takes center stage in the future of women's golf fashion, it continues to redefine what it means to empower women on and off the golf course.

Fore All was also featured as one of the top brands chosen by Golf Channel to highlight their unique designs on this Women in golf segment. Watch here! 


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